Expectations of Outhaul


In today’s world, more companies are required to demonstrate they have a solid program in place. Whether it is ISO, NIST or SOC, Outhaul Consulting can help you achieve your compliance aims. 

As an ISO 27001 certified professional with experience in AICPA SOC 1 and 2, HIPAA, and NIST standards, Outhaul Consulting can develop and implement a plan to achieve your compliance goals.


Security is not a one and done project. Effective security is achieved through constant attention and adjusting to new risks.

Performing a GAP analysis will show how the organization is performing to its security goals. Identifying the variances in the security program will allow the necessary corrections to get you back on course.

Business Continuity

With the proliferation of malware and the push to support legacy systems as well as achieving continuous development, and the ever present threat of weather, business continuity is often overlooked.

Following the ISO 22301 and NIST 800-34 methodologies, Outhaul Consulting can help organizations identify their critical assets and plan for them to handle today’s threat landscape. 


As more regulations like GDPR and CCPA are enacted, the need for understanding how these impact your company grows.

Outhaul Consulting can help you navigate these regulations and review your current practices and assess the effect these regulations have on you.


Training is the key to a solid security program. Outhaul Consulting has partnered with a Gartner Leader online training system to provide organizations with industry leading awareness and phishing campaigns.

There are times when personalized training is critical. As an adjunct professor, Outhaul Consulting’s Principal has the proficiency to create and deliver the effective training to you.


In today’s fast paced environment, organizations need to focus on meeting client expectations. This sometimes means they lose focus on their security and compliance goals.

Outhaul Consulting is your trusted partner who will establish periodic touchpoints to keep your security and compliance programs compliant without further stretching your staff or your budget.