For many organizations, the need for technology is understood, but they do not know if the technology they currently operate is the best for their business. In many cases, they do not know what technologies may take them from status quo to significant achievements.

Outhaul Consulting, LLC offers these organizations a virtual CIO. The vCIO will become a team member and strategic partner for the organization without the long term impact on the organization's budget. The vCIO will be able to work with the executives to understand the business plan and then the technical team to shape the existing technologies or introduce new technologies to achieve the desired business objectives. The vCIO will be able to perform as many or as few roles as needed. This allows the company to focus on their goals and not just IT. It also provides an organization the ability to have a trusted, experienced IT executive when they need him.

" Mr. Osborne seamlessly integrated with the team and quickly picked up on the project scope and its priorities. He made immediate contributions to the overall strategy. He is able to see the big picture, but also identifies the nuances and incorporates them effectively into the plan. He is able to take a leadership role and accomplish tasks with minimal guidance. He works well with all levels of management. Patrick has excellent interpersonal and presentation skills and provides concise and well written procedures and documentation. He has the ability to handle changes in the plan or new tasks without disruption on timeline or effectiveness. His diverse technology background is an asset and allows him to be utilized on multiple projects."
- Deputy Executive Director, Digital Citizens Alliance, Washington DC

Having experience as a software developer, network engineer, customer service representative, vendor relations manager, project manager, security officer and CIO, affords me a unique perspective on shaping technologies and for understanding what technologies fit best into an organization. As your vCIO, I will achieve the true goal of any IT department - utilize technologies to realize the overall business goals of the organization.

" Patrick was the key advisor providing experience, insight and leadership. Patrick composed the technical and support modules used in our Request For Quotation (RFQ), a critical component in getting back quotes/proposals where our team could make side by side comparisons. Patrick helped clarify the responses by working with the vendors to gather missing information or clarify ambiguous information with the RFQs. Patrick participated in information gathering sessions, both on conference calls and on-site visits, where he asked system level questions as they pertain to various aspects of our current and future infrastructure. His knowledge and analysis aided the team in gaining a better understanding of what life in the cloud would be like. We would not have been able to get quotes/proposals that we wanted in the timeframe allotted without Patrick's involvement."
- VP of Information Technology, Washington DC based association

Contact me, Pat Osborne, to see how a vCIO can shape your technology to move your company towards success. Some of the typical tasks I perform as your vCIO are in the services sheet or outlined below.


  • Provide executive level budget and strategic planning
  • Build a more effective IT team and provide mentorship
  • Provide and implement a strategic IT roadmap and conduct thorough evaluations before you adopt new technologies


  • Security audit mitigation and resolution plan (Experience with FISMA and CJIS processes)
  • Acceptable use and privacy policy composition
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)


  • Infrastructure design and implementation
  • Evaluation of new technologies such as server virtualization or virtual desktop initiatives
  • Cloud migration projects- roadmapping and vendor selection criteria and evaluation

IT Operations

  • Network assessment providing an unbiased viewpoint of the network
  • COOP/DR Strategies - procedures, implementation and testing that cover the 'when', not 'if'

Additional Capabilites

  • Software development leader - Certified SCRUM Master
  • Experience working with state and federal government agencies - proposal writing