An outhaul is a line which is part of the running rigging of a sailboat, used to extend a sail and control the shape of the curve of the foot of the sail. By effectively shaping the sail, the outhaul can better move the sailboat through the water.

I chose the name outhaul because I believe that technology needs to be shaped and constantly adjusted to provide maximum return for the business. By working with the organization to understand how best to adjust your technology, I can move your company more efficiently.

Having been in the information technology field my entire career and IT leadership for over two decades, I understand how technology can enhance or overtake an organization. My background includes network operation, infrastructure design, and software development. As a CISSP, I have the experience and credentials to work with organizations as a trusted security advisor as well on network security, compliance and business continuity issues.

By utilizing my experiences as a senior IT leader I can provide guidance and hands-on direction to your organization to improve and align your technology to realize your business objectives.

Outhaul Consulting, LLC was formed to work with companies to align their technology to meet their business needs. Contact me, Pat Osborne, to see how your technology can be shaped to better move you towards success. View Patrick Osborne's LinkedIn profileView Patrick Osborne's profile