Outhaul Consulting LLC
Shaping Technology to Move Your Business Forward
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Outhaul Consulting, LLC provides executive leadership in information security and compliance for any size organization.

Why "Outhaul"?

An outhaul is a line which is part of the running rigging of a sailboat,used to extend a sail and effectively shape the sail. Your cyber security program should also shape your organization and help you perform to your best.

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What I do

I help organizations take their security and compliance requirements and turn them into business differentiators. I achieve this by developing programs that align with each business’ unique culture and goals, positioning them as leaders in their respective markets while conforming to obligations.

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Outhaul Consulting provides an organization the ability to have a trusted, experienced cybersecurity professional when they need one.

Customer Reviews:

VP of IT
Deputy Executive Director
Sr. Manager
"Patrick was the key adviser providing experience, insight and leadership."
"His diverse technical background is an asset and allows him to be utilized on multiple projects."
"I have always been impressed with Pat's ability to manage tight timelines and even tighter resources. I've worked with many different IT leaders over the last 20 years and Pat is among the best. "